The Best Stonemasons in Melbourne

Building and creating high quality stone features in traditional and unconventional bespoke styles. Adding stone outdoor garden features, creating living areas, seating and fire pits to urban and country landscapes. Architectural features such as feature walls and stone houses, fireplaces, corbels and sills are also part of the traditional but also highly individual features we can bring to a project. Building from new can also be part of a sensitive restoration of existing stonework and stone buildings. We also take care of existing heritage buildings, repairing and rebuilding with sensitivity to form and history.

Our Name

The Lincoln Imp

Stone Devils is a reference to the medieval story of the Lincoln and Grimsby Imps who were two naughty little devils caught by an angel and turned to stone at Lincoln Cathedral, and nearby Grimbsy. The troublesome two imps reflect on how cheeky we like to be with our stonework. But we relish the history of stonework and stone masonry and always enjoy a chance to work in traditional methods of walling and restoration.

Drilling through limestone to attach timber supports.

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