Our professionalism and top quality work has gained us a good standing in public works, for commercial and council. Our commitment to create the best possible stone work and a courteous and well mannered female led team has seen us establish good working relationships with clients and the general public.

Requirements of a public work project require us to understand the space and its function. A large part of that process is working co-operatively with stake holders to achieve a design or work to plans, as well as manage safety for all our team members and the public.

17 Sept 2021 Deanside Progress (5)

Deanside public art work at site of new suburb development.

Birdsland Walking Track

Birdsland Walking Track Capping

Culvert Wall Birdsland Walking Track

Ferny Creek Scout Hall Mt Angus Sandstone

Ferny Creek Scout Hall Mount Angus Sandstone Starts

Ferny Creek Scout Hall Mount Angus Pier Nearly Finished

Birdsland Culvert Main Entrance

Birdsland Culvert Capping Detail

Main Freight Logo Created for Public Space


Ferny Creek Scout Hall project finished.